Here’s How You Can Use Facebook for Customer Service Purposes

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While Facebook’s recent algorithm update has been detrimental to organic content, it doesn’t mean that you have to forgo using the platform for customer service purposes.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, our social media manager, Andrea shares three tips to help you leverage Facebook to provide your clients with impeccable customer service.

Video Transcription

What’s up guys I’m Andrea and I’m the Social Media Manager here at ReminderMedia. Quality is one of our top priorities here and to make sure that happens we focus a lot on customer service. The next three points are going to go over why that should be just as important to you.

Number one

My first tip for you today is to leverage live videos on Facebook to answer questions. Live videos are currently the highest engagement rate on Facebook of any medium, so use that to your advantage. Hold a Q&A session to answer questions, or even better, walk around your office and have your teammates, your co-workers, or your employees answer those questions for you. That way your fans are getting a behind-the-scenes look at your workspace and they’re also connecting more faces to your brand.

I do have a bonus tip, and that’s to create an event for your live video on Facebook that way you’re getting even more eyes on your content.

Number two

My second tip for you today is to be an open book with your content. Your fans will download your content, sure, but to nurture that relationship and build brand trust you’re gonna need to post a lot more than lead magnets. Share an exciting company update, ask for feedback, or even post pictures of your leadership team. Everyone wants to see what’s going on at your company or brand.

Number three

My third and final tip, and arguably most important is to respond, always. Never, ever leave a comment, a review, or a message unanswered. This shows that you’re paying attentionand more importantly that you care about your customer service. You’re gonna receive good and bad feedback on Facebook, and that’s okay. Just make sure that you’re thanking the good ones and reassuring the bad ones.

The takeaway

So those are my top three tips for you to leverage Facebook as a customer service platform. If you enjoyed what you heard, I’m the social media manager, so you have to tell me if I did a good job. Leave a comment below, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and definitely follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and see these practices put into action in real time. Most importantly, take action on this today!