Great Mid-Year Business Planning Questions

As markets reach record levels, so does investor uncertainty. Maybe it’s due to headlines that read, “Stocks Waiver,” even when the DJIA and S&P 500 are only down 13.23 and up .08, respectfully. A more appropriate headline might read something like, “S&P on Track for 6 Quarterly Rise,” yet publishers still opt for shock value.

These are just some of the external challenges that make it difficult for Financial Advisors to develop a plan capable of breaking through the noise. If you struggle with developing a marketing plan that speaks louder than the headlines, these questions will help you identify areas of your marketing plan that need improvement:

    1. What are the workplace challenges that you think about on your drive home every evening?
    2. What is one objective from your 2014 business plan that you haven’t achieved yet? What is standing in the way?
    3. What is the most successful initiative of your marketing plan? How do you know?
    4. How many new accounts have you brought in?
    5. What percent came from referrals?
    6. How many client relationships have you lost within the past year? Why?
    7. Are there any clients that you haven’t spoken to in the past six months? What are you doing to prevent them from finding a new Advisor?
    8. Who are your raving fans? What is your strategy to prioritize these clients?
    9. What has been the most positive change you’ve made to your business this year? How can you communicate this to clients?
  • What level of service do you expect in your own partnerships? How can you deliver the same experience to your clients?
  • How do you engage clients’ spouses? What is your strategy for connecting with female clients?
  • What aspects of your plan can be simplified? Are there initiatives that aren’t showing returns? If so, how can you reallocate this budget to be more effective?

By answering a few of these questions, you’ll easily identify areas that need improvement so you can develop a plan that is effective for building new relationships and strengthening your existing partnerships.