Will You Be Ready To Retire? Financial Planning Worksheet

It’s a question that weighs heavily on many Americans’ minds—will they have enough money to retire? And if not, what can they do?

You can offer this easy-to-understand worksheet that will help potential clients develop a snapshot of their current financial situation and whether they are well-positioned to retire when they wish. Clearly indicating that the resulting automatic calculations are only an estimate, this lead magnet encourages users to reach out to a qualified financial professional (that’s you!) to develop a retirement plan unique to them.


1. Set up this free worksheet on a landing page where prospects need to enter their information to download this free resource. Need help setting up your own landing page? Click here!

2. Promote your free download on social media or email.

3. Follow up with people who have downloaded your free resource!


  • Editable PDF Financial Planning File
    Your prospects can type their financial information in the highlighted fields and it will automatically calculate their annual retirement goals.

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