Four Character Traits of an ISA


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Hiring an ISA can be a tricky process. It takes a special kind of person to grind it out everyday dialing for dollars. One of the best ways to make sure you’re bringing on the right person is to use a personality assessment and look for these traits.

Video Transcription

All right guys, so we’re continuing our series on hiring an inside sales rep, and today I want to talk to you about the personality traits you should look for in the interview process. Now I mentioned in a previous video that one of the tools you should be using is an assessment tool either the Predictive Index or the DISC Assessment. We personally use the PI here, so I’m going to walk you guys through what we have found to look for in a Predictive Index when it comes to hiring an ISA.

Four behaviroal traits of the Predective Index.

Now when it comes to the Predictive Index you really have for behavioral character traits that they measure. They have A for dominance, B for extraversion, C for patience, and D for formality.

So you’re gonna send this to your candidate, they’re gonna take a few questions, it’s going to come back to you, and really give you a write up on the personality traits of this candidate and what you want to look for that we have found successful. Keep in mind I have interviewed and hired hundreds of inside sales reps and what I’m telling you is what we have found to be successful is that you want to look for a high A which is dominance. You want to look for someone who’s very assertive, really dominant. You also want to look for a high B that extraversion. You’re looking for someone who’s likable, who’s extroverted, that can walk into a room and just befriend anybody. So you want a high A and high B.

Now something that we found in our own company is we want the B to be a little bit lower than the A because we want them to be more assertive, more dominant than they choose to be likable. Because the truth is you can suffer for wanting to be liked and it hinders you at the close when you’re an inside sales rep because you’re too worried about about what that prospect on the end of the phone says.

Now you want to look for a low C and a low D. So you want your inside sales rep to have really little patience and the reason why is because you want them to just go dial to dial and just be kind of rocking back and forth in their seat. You’re looking for someone who just is impatient that wants to go from close to close and you want them to be formal, you want the D to come back a little bit, but you won’t want them to be over formal over detail-oriented. You don’t want them to be analytical because what will happen is they will think too much about the call before they make it, or they’ll spend too much time on their documentation of their notes and that’s gonna make them inefficient because then they won’t be dialing over and over again, they’ll be spending their time doing note documentation and thinking about the prospect before they make the call.

The takeaway.

So guys you want to look for dominance high dominance and assertiveness you want to look for likability that extrovert formality. now what I’m gonna do for you guys is I’ll actually put a link in the video below where you can see a graph of a salesperson that we’ve had success in hiring inside sales reps. So if you like these tips make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but most importantly guys take action on this today.

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