Facebook’s Big Problem


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When Facebook first emerged as the newest, exclusively collegiate, social media site, not many users could have predicted its future growth. It has turned into a worldwide phenomenon that influences the way billions of people get information. From live videos to fake news, our feeds have changed a lot in the last ten years, and the site has never been so ubiquitous.

Change after change, innovation after innovation, something has fallen by the wayside— interaction. We log onto Facebook multiple times a day, but most of the time we just look at curated content and advertisements. Once in a while someone will make a personal announcement or air out a grievance.

There was once a time when friending someone on Facebook was an obligatory step in the foundation of a connection. You’d meet someone, establish rapport, and help to solidify it by reaching out with a friend request. It was a great way to remember names in college and widen your social circle. It was also a wonderful forum for thoughtful networking.

Now all that interaction is gone. We might like a post, but other than that we aren’t very social. Most real estate agents have Facebook accounts these days. It can be an amazing place to land new leads, and you should use it to make connections and give your sphere a glimpse into the real you. With so much non-personal content out there, you can stand out in your friends’ feeds by simply posting personally.

Challenge yourself to be more social on social media this summer. The season is sure to provide a well spring of moments that will make great posts. Real Estate agents should work to make Facebook a means of communication instead of a means of distraction. Comment on a client’s new engagement, message someone to see how their summer is going, or document some milestone in your life. This will help you to stand out and garner exposure.

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