Do Something Amazing for Your Past Clients Every Month


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How much attention do you pay to your past clients?

Salespeople are always looking for the next lead, they always want to put forth the smallest amount of effort on a fresh prospect and close them with solid pitch and a single phone call. But working new leads and turning them into clients can cost as much as 7x more than working with the ones you already have. Retention is the name of the game.

To stay close without hounding, go above and beyond once a month with a different past client. It has to be a bit over the top, and you only have to do it a dozen times a year, so it can be done consistently throughout your whole career. Here are a few ideas for standing out.

Buy them a birthday present.

Send them a bottle of their favorite wine or spirit.

Bake them a labor intensive treat.

Take them out to a classy lunch.

Send them flowers.

Make a charitable donation in their name.

Get them something esoteric that pertains to one of their interests.

Buy them a book and write a thoughtful note in the front.

A single outstanding act of this fashion makes you unforgettable. The ROI on a move like this is immense, because not only does the person continue to give you repeat business, but it’s a given that they will mention your kind act to others, which will lead to an valuable referrals.

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