Craft an Email that Actually Gets Read

Getting your emails opened is one thing, but actually having them read? Priceless. Here’s how to craft the type of email that readers will actually want to digest.

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Sefton Eisenhart and I’m a content writer here at ReminderMedia, and I’m filling in for Luke today to try and give you on four tips on perfect email composition.

Number one.

The first tip is be concise. The human attention span has never been shorter, it’s down to 8 seconds which is actually shorter than the proverbial goldfish that we here so much about. So, you want to be as clear and concise as possible throughout the entire email. One thing I like to do is break information down into individual sentences and actually have a paragraph in between every sentence. This takes a big block of text and breaks it down into something that’s easily digestible by the reader.

Number two.

The second tip I have is make sure you’re kind. It’s easy sometimes to be passive aggressive, it’s easy to get stressed out and take it out on the person you’re writing to. Especially if you feel like maybe they’re not doing their job properly, or they’re dropping the ball and making your job harder. But when the day is done, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and you have to be kind to everybody. Because in the long run not only is it better for your heart, but it’s also better for your wallet because people are going to be more inclined to do what you ask of them if you’re simply nice.

Number three.

The third tip is make sure you reiterate your main points at the end of the email. You’re going to have deliverables throughout the email that might be peppered throughout the text. The way that people read emails is that they read three, four, five, six, at a time, and then they come back to them later if they were important. So, when people do come back to reference your email, you’re going to want to have those points highlighted at the bottom to make it easy for them.

Number four.

And the fourth tip is you have to edit. This is probably the most overlooked tip of the entire set because so many people even to this day, no matter how high they might be in a company, they still manage to send emails that are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. So, you need to be careful with every email you send to make sure that it’s spelled properly and that the grammar is at least bearably good. One thing that I like to do is I like to read my emails out loud to myself before I send them. It takes about thirty seconds and it nearly always ensures that I send a higher-quality email.

The takeaway.

So, there you have it guys. There are four tips on how to send perfect emails. If you like these tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, but in the words of Luke Acree, “take action on this today.”

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