Call These 3 Leads Daily, and Close More Deals


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There are 3 types of contacts agents need to call every day if they want to keep their pipelines full. Structure can be hard to come by, but when REALTORS® consistently reach out to these leads, they close more deals.

Video Transcription

Guys today I want to give you three leads every REALTOR® should call every day.

1. Expired listings

The first lead: expired listings. Get on your MLS start collecting the expired listings that are popping up on average you’re going to get a couple of day load those up and start calling. Understand you’re going to face a trust issue, these people just went through the selling process unsuccessfully they’re going to have a lack of faith in real estate agents, a lack of faith that they can actually sell the home for the price they want. You need to go in with confidence, persistence, but most importantly, a clear and concise description of why you believe their home didn’t sell and the marketing strategy that you’re going to bring to the table to get their home sold.

2. FSBOs

The second lead you should call daily are for sale by owners. At any given point I believe you should be working 30 for sale by owners you can get these by driving around your geographic farm looking at the signs collect them on Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia. Load these up and understand with for sale by owners 50 percent of for-sale-by-owner transactions happen because the owner of that property personally knows the buyer so if you find out in your qualification process that’s the scenario offer to cut your commission because a lot of times they’ll want to take that hassle off their hands and they’ll pass the deal to you, but also understand that the number one reason for sale by owners choose to do it is because they don’t want to pay your commission fee and that’s a clear lack of understanding of the value that you bring to the table as the agent so you need to go in with confidence go in with persistence but show them the difference between passive marketing and proactive marketing. Yeah they can put a sign in the yard, they can put it up on an internet site, you’re going to do those, but you’re going to take in and be proactive you’re actually going to call a list of people to garner interest on the property you’re going to market this proactively with your expertise.

3. Your sphere of influence and past clients

The third and final lead you should be calling daily and I think this is most important is you need to call your sphere of influence and your past clients. You should be calling your past clients at least once a quarter and there’s two things to keep in mind when you’re calling your past clients. The first is: be genuine. Don’t just call your past clients to generate business they’re going to see right through that actually care about them find out how they’re doing if you sold on the homes that they still like the home is there anything that you can do for them and then second ask them for referrals. It says that the average person knows about five people annually who are looking to move so if you call 50 people this month that’s 250 opportunities that you can capture.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys there are three leads you should be calling every day. If you liked these tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel, check us out on Instagram and Facebook. Take action on this today.

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