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The primary reason people don’t produce content for their business is because they simply don’t have the time. Consistently writing blogs can be difficult, but curated content is much easier and less time consuming.

Video Transcription

Guys today we’re talking about curated content. Now content marketing is a great way for you to connect with your prospects, stay top of mind with your clients, and allows you to send something of value to them. But the problem I hear all the time with content marketing is “Luke, when am I actually going to find time to sit down and write a blog?” I you use curated content.

Curated content is the process of doing some research, going out and collecting already prewritten stuff that you think is going to be valuable to your community and I want to give you guys three areas I believe curated content can drive your business.

Establish credibility

The first is, it will help you establish credibility. It’s all about becoming the community expert and if you’re constantly sharing the market you’re constantly sharing about what’s going on in your community guess what when someone wakes up today and they have a question on the market they’re going to naturally think of you because they’re going to associate you with being so knowledgeable and passionate about the market because your post about it all the time.

Sparks a conversation

Now the second area I believe curated content can help your business is it will help you spark a conversation and engage your sphere. If you do your due diligence and actually go collect content that you believe is valuable to your sphere guess what it’s going to spark a conversation those conversations are going to lead to relationships and relationships ultimately lead to clients.

Connect with the author

Now the third and final area curated content is going to help your business and this is unique most people don’t think about it, is it can help you connect with the author who actually wrote that content. I guarantee you if you look at your community today there’s businesses that are posting content that you can share to your community because it would be valuable and you can tag them in it, hashtag, tweet about it. Make sure they know that you’re posting their content because they want more eyeballs on their content and it’s a great way to cross-pollinate because you can connect with their audience they can connect with yours and obviously more eyeballs leads to more conversations which leads to more clients.

The takeaway

So there you have it guys, there are three areas the curated content can drive your business. The first is establish credibility, the second is it will spark a conversation, the third is you can actually connect with the author.

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