5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Their Magazine to Connect


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For financial advisors, client relationships are everything. Even if you’re doing an amazing job building wealth for your clients, you won’t retain their business in the long term if you fail to meaningfully connect.

Fortunately, if you’re a ReminderMedia customer, you’ve got products at your disposal that make forming those connections—and staying connected—so much easier.

Whether you’re sending American Lifestyle or Start Healthy magazine, here are five sound strategies for using your customized, branded publication to get and retain more business.

Send copies to your most valued clients

We recommend this strategy to all of our clients, regardless of industry, because it’s been proven to get results. According to a 2023 GfK study, 69% of recipients of our personally branded magazines readers referred someone to the professional who sent them the magazine.

That is a phenomenal number,  especially considering how difficult it can be to get clients to actually follow through on referrals under normal circumstances.

The reason why clients are likely to refer after receiving the magazine is because it is perceived as a gift—triggering feelings of reciprocity.

When you send a copy of the magazine to your clients and then follow up with them to ask them how they’re enjoying it, you’re getting across the message that you care about them beyond your professional transactions. This increases top-of-mind awareness and will only lead to good things for you and your business.

Personalize your letter

Speaking of awareness, it’s worth mentioning that it works both ways. If you expect your client to think of you and your practice, you need to show that they aren’t just another name in your book of business.

One of the best ways to do this is by personalizing your messaging. Since you can personalize your magazine’s letter down to the individual recipient, you can use it as a space to offer congratulations for promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., or to call attention to articles or recipes in the magazine that you think a particular client will enjoy.

This isn’t to say that you need to write a separate letter for every client every single time a new issue goes out. But, by taking a few minutes to let your clients know you’re thinking of them, you can increase the “wow” factor and create an amazing customer experience.

Connect with your client’s business partners

Does your client work in a partnership or a practice alongside other professionals? If so, you’ve got the potential to make connections with those people and possibly earn their business.

So many financial professionals manage wealth for doctors and lawyers but neglect to ask for introductions to the people who work under the same roof. Even without an introduction, you have a valuable tool at your disposal that will make it so much easier to connect: your magazine’s promotional copies.

One easy way to get your name out there would be to leave some copies at the office—be sure to give them to a receptionist or assistant and to introduce yourself by name. You can also ask when would be a good time to come by and see a particular person. That way, you’ll be able to give them a copy of your magazine personally and get some valuable facetime.

Bring promotional copies to seminars

When you’re a financial advisor looking to increase recognition of your brand and generate new leads, hosting a seminar is a great use of your time and resources. By offering up your professional expertise, you’re increasing trust in your business and, with a little persistence, hopefully taking on a few new clients.

Once your presentation is over and you’re chatting with your attendees, it helps to have a branded impression piece for people to take home. Your magazine is a great choice because, unlike a business card, it won’t just end up in a drawer or a trash can., Instead, it’ll remain on the coffee table for weeks to come—providing a consistent reminder of the wise professional who gave a helpful and informative presentation.

Add value to your email newsletter

Are you sending a regular newsletter to your clients to provide updates and offer value? The Digital Magazine (one of four tools included in our Digital Marketing Platform) is an effective tool for solidifying connections and making your clients feel more appreciated.

Each issue comes with great articles and amazing video content that your clients and prospects alike will love. Best of all, it offers turnkey compliance approval (just like your print magazine).

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At the end of the day, your magazine—like any other type of marketing—is all about what you make of it. When you’re deliberate about your messaging and practice consistent follow-up, you’re far more likely to make the connections that will garner you more business in the long run.

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