3 Tips to Help You Successfully Drop Off Your Promotional Copies


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American Lifestyle’s promotional copies can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. But, knowing how to successfully drop them off at local businesses can be a challenge.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Phoenix gives three tips to help you make the most out of your promotional copies.

Video Transcription

When it comes to handing out promotional copies for local businesses, it’s important to have a plan of action. Showing up, and dropping them off and leaving is not the best approach. It doesn’t help you build any relationships.

Number one

So, the first thing I would recommend doing, is setting a plan of action. Setting your course. Choose four or five places that you can easily access close together to hand out promotional copies.

Number two

Next, once you have your list you’ll actually want to show up. Don’t just leave the promotional copy is sitting in the passenger seat of your car. It can be intimidating and a little nerve-wracking to show up to an office that you’ve never been before to hand out a promotional copy, but I promise with a little practice, you’ll be walking,and handing out copies in no time.

Number three

Now that you’ve made it to the hardest part of this journey, simply walk up to the front desk. Don’t leave the copy, and make a quick getaway. Talk to the person, the receptionist, the person at the front desk, let them know why you’re there. Engage with them, tell them that you have a fantastic publication. It’s personalized, but it has entertaining articles and fun to read recipes.

Let them know that you support local businesses and you want to help build your community presence. By being able to have this conversation with them, they’re gonna be hard-pressed to be able to tell you know no, that you can’t leave your copy there. Because you’ve already engaged with them, and built a relationship.

The takeaway

So in short, be bold, be confident, and be yourself. And if you liked what you’ve seen, click on the link below, but remember you have to take action today.

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