5 Effective Summertime Follow-Up Strategies for Agents


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While many businesses thrive in the summer, this season can be a bit hit-or-miss for real estate agents.

Sure, the spring market provides ample opportunities for making new connections and getting plenty of buyer and seller leads. But the summer is, by nature, a difficult time to keep in touch.

With so many past clients and current leads on vacation, agents need to think outside the box in order to not miss out on valuable transactions and referrals.

Keep reading for five follow-up strategies you can use to grow your real estate business this summer.

Send cards to grads (or anyone on your list celebrating something)

A greeting card featuring the word "Congrats" with a graduation hat resting on the top of the letter C

In order to maximize your relationships with your clients, you want to make sure you’re connecting with them on a consistent basis. That means you should take advantage of any organic touchpoint opportunities as they arise.

Every June, you have the opportunity to reach out to a large portion of your clients around the end of the school year. Refer to your CRM to see which of your clients have children who are set to graduate this year. If you don’t have any grads in your database, see if you have any clients with June birthdays.

Once you have a list of grads and people celebrating birthdays, head over to where you normally buy greeting cards and pick out some for your clients. Make sure your cards have room inside to write a personal message, such as, “Hi [Name]! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you, and that I hope you have an amazing summer. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask!”

In the age of pervasive social media, handwritten notes are incredibly powerful, and they’ll be greatly appreciated by anyone who receives them.

If you can’t afford a greeting card for everyone on your list, you can still make an impression by sending a text, email, or social media post with your best wishes. You can also download our free greeting cards for graduates or free birthday cards.

A hand holds a card that says "Happy birthday to one of the best clients"

Share Fourth of July BBQ recipes on social media

Honey is sprinkled over a large slice of watermelon, covered with cheese and herbs

The single most effective way to take a sales relationship to the next level is to offer incredible value to your prospects. While most salespeople think this means offering a discount or something related to your product, the truth is you actually don’t need to spend a dime.

Instead, take to social media. Make a post on someone’s timeline or send them a private message with something they’ll really appreciate. Many of the people in your database will be attending Fourth of July festivities of some kind, and they’ll be on the lookout for some creative and delicious dishes they can bring with them. Take advantage of this by sending along a link or two, accompanied by a personal message.

For example:

“Hey [Name]! This dessert recipe looks amazing, and I just wanted to share it with you. Hope it comes in handy for you sometime this summer!”

Your leads have a choice between countless different agents, and you can stand apart from the herd by making thoughtful gestures.

Send the American Lifestyle digital edition

A ReminderMedia client texts their digital edition to one of their customers

If you’re a ReminderMedia customer looking to make connections with your clients even when they’re away from home, the American Lifestyle digital edition is a great option. Each issue of your customized, branded digital magazine contains articles and recipes that are sure to impress anyone you send them to. Plus, since you can send your digital edition to up to 1,000 recipients, you can use it to offer value to prospects at any stage.

When you send the issue, be sure to follow up later with a text message or phone call asking your clients what they thought. You might even recommend a specific article for them to check out, based on their interests.

Call your clients to ask how their summer is going

An agent follows up with a client via cell phone

Sometimes, the most straightforward approach can be the most effective. Call your most valued clients and let them know how much you appreciate them. Thank them for their business. Don’t ask for a referral during this call—simply find out what’s going on in their lives.

When you do this, you’re creating a memorable impression on a client who has already worked with you in the past. That goes a long way in helping you stay remembered.

Should you find out that one of your clients has a vacation planned, take that as your cue to follow up again when they get back. Once you’ve heard all about their trip, you can let this client know how you’re always looking for more great customers like them. This creates referral consciousness in the minds of your client and makes them more likely to send relevant leads your way.

Invite your most valued clients to a Labor Day party

An agent grills at a summer cookout

As the summer winds to a close, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to. Give your clients a fun event to attend right before the kids go back to school and the leaves start to turn.

Promote this event as a “client appreciation” party, and be sure to spend some quality time with everyone who attends. Again, don’t focus too much on getting new business—just spend some time connecting with your guests on a human level.

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After the event, you can send handwritten thank you notes to everyone who attends. This is your chance to let people know that you’re happy to have their business, and always on the lookout for more great clients like them. If someone gets back to you and tells you they know someone looking to move, get that person’s contact information. Then, if you’re a ReminderMedia customer, send them a copy of your branded magazine.

Whichever ways you to choose to stay in touch with your clients and prospects this summer, the key is to be deliberate in your approach. Have a good reason for reaching out when you do, along with a solid takeaway for your clients—whether that’s a handwritten note, a recipe, or simply the memory of a meaningful phone conversation.

When you maintain connections with your client throughout the year, you’re more likely to be remembered for years to come.

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