No Instant Gratification with Lead Generation

Leads have always been big business. These days it seems that there are thousands of companies serving hundreds of industries that all claim to have a wellspring of leads. You can dip into their supply, for a price. Other professionals drum up their own leads with a series of generation efforts. They use marketing, social media, and word of mouth to fill their rolodex.

Boosting posts of social media can be a cost-effective way to drive name recognition, especially when it’s hyper-targeted toward a certain area.

Networking and Chamber of Commerce events are wonderful ways to meet potential clients and make a great impression on strong referral sources.

Sponsoring local events can get your name in front of a lot of people. A single clever billboard can get a whole town talking.

Build your brand over time and build it into something with wide appeal. Be conscious of the way you present yourself, because if you get paid commission, you are your own company. The most effective way to build your brand and cultivate a favorable public image is through a multifaceted marketing plan.

Marketing doesn’t always result in immediate return. You don’t eat tomorrow what you plant today. In a world where we are used to quick returns and immediate results, marketing is still about long-term success, consistent efforts that result in truly successful businesses. Any professional that has had any success in marketing knows that it is an investment, that you have to spend money to make a whole lot more.

This leads to them wasting some hard earned money and acquiring a chip on their shoulder in the process. Just because you implement some marketing into your business plan doesn’t mean people will break down your door to do business. You have to acquire leads, and from their start reaching out. If you call a lead six times, you have a 90% chance of getting them on the phone. Most salespeople only call 1.3 times. That means they call once, don’t get through, and give up. That kind of weak follow-up leaves a lot of fruit on the tree.

If you do decide to start marketing yourself, make sure you are in it for the long haul. Just because you don’t have a huge budget doesn’t mean you can’t launch a successful campaign, it just means you have to target your efforts and commit. Define what your ideal customer looks like, then find out where they are most highly concentrated. Dominate that area through focused marketing.

Written by Sefton Eisenhart

A writer who deeply believes that everyone is in sales.