Lead Generation vs. Lead Cultivation


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In the real estate world, there seems to be a whole secondary industry devoted to selling agents leads. The lead game is no joke, and if agents want to keep their pipelines full, they always have to keep an eye on the next sale.

But having an eye to the future doesn’t mean you have to constantly burn through leads that might not be ready to buy or sell the moment you reach out. Quality is always more important than quantity, despite what many lead vendors might have you think.

The difference between a quality lead and a weak lead often lies with the REALTOR®. How much effort did you put into getting that lead through the funnel? Did you make a single inquiry and dump them? Or did you keep them in your sphere and nurture them until the time was right, building trust and rapport along the way?

It’s crucial to stay in touch with your sphere because everybody is a potential client, and the only reason they don’t use you down the line is because you haven’t asked them now. A simple gesture that keeps you top of mind and provides something for the lead is often all it takes.

Remember, real estate is like farming: you don’t eat tomorrow what you plant today.

That said, if you want to prosper, you have to plant as many seeds as possible. Once they’re planted, you have to nurture them. Don’t be clingy—that will just bother people. It’s simply a matter of not forgetting about them so they do not forget about you. That means going out of your way by making them feel important. Set aside a little bit of time to congratulate them on an accomplishment you saw on social media, or reach out to them with an article you found on one of their interests.

American Lifestyle magazine is the perfect touch point for lead cultivation. It’s a subtle yet effective reminder that you’re a premier real estate agent. This marketing tool is regarded as a gift by every person you send it to. The program is the turnkey solution for both lead generation and cultivation and is sent on a timetable perfectly suited to optimal outreach.

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