Looking Beyond the Bank: What It Takes to Succeed in Insurance

Exploring the Emotional Component of Final-Expense Insurance Sales

Final-expense insurance sales hinge on an agent’s ability to build trust and emotionally connect with prospects.

This week on Stay Paid, we talk with Michael Kwarteng and Jalon Talley, founders of True Wealth Financial, a nationwide life and health insurance consulting agency. In one short year, they’ve built a team of 160 agents who currently bring in $300K in new sales each month. And they predict that number will be $1M by the middle of next year. In their interview, we ask them to discuss with us their strategies for generating and closing leads and recruiting agents.

Our conversation begins with Michael and Jalon explaining that when hiring agents, they make a point of screening candidates to determine the source of their motivation. They believe it needs to be something more than wanting to make money because the promise of a commission typically doesn’t sustain agents when the going gets tough. Both Michael and Jalon share their emotional stories about what drives their deep commitment to succeed.

As for their sales process, they break down the techniques they use when door knocking and the critical first steps to establishing trust with prospects. It’s in building that trust, from the moment an agent greets a prospect to taking them through the discovery process, that allows them to identify pain points, create an emotional connection, and smoothly move into the close. In their experience, agents who are preoccupied with the transaction rather than caring about and serving clients don’t succeed in the world of final-expense insurance.

With regard to the close, we wanted to know how Michael and Jalon train their agents to handle objections. They are generous in providing the details of their script, including a brilliant key phrase that eliminates concerns over the quote, the moment at which it is crucial to revisit a prospect’s pain points, and how they assume the sale.

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