2024’s Explosive Instagram Growth Hack (No Posting Required)


Want to boost your Instagram engagement without having to post new content? Get five secret commenting strategies, and discover how to avoid a hidden danger to your reach.

There’s nothing like the exhilaration of finding a shortcut that gets you stellar results. Remember the first time you used a transaction management tool to track key deadlines instead of scribbling on Post-it notes everywhere? Such a simple solution, and yet the impact was awesome across the board.

This week on Stay Paid, we’re talking about how you can dramatically improve your Instagram engagement without the constant need to create new content. Eric Simon, founder of the Broke Agent and cofounding content creator for BAM, has written a blog revealing his top five hacks for turning comments into pure engagement gold—and we’re adding our two cents. Listen to this episode to get Eric’s recommendations and some additional insight for implementing them.

Get ready to discover . . .

  • Gary Vee’s secret sauce for increasing your exposure across a whopping 90 different pages.
  • The one comment trick that tickles people’s egos and gets them sharing like crazy.
  • The sneaky engagement “strategy” that’s actually killing your reach. (Yikes!)

Plus, we’ll be serving up our strategy of the week about how to stop the scroll and tackling your burning questions. Tune in, and get ready to take your Instagram game from meh to magnificent!

We hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks for listening!

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