How to Keep Your Top-Producing Agents (with Ethan Beute of Follow Up Boss)

Recruiting and Retaining Top Agents

Too often, top-producing real estate agents leave their teams because they don’t understand the full value of the benefits membership provides, focusing instead on the commission split.

This week on Stay Paid, we talk with Ethan Beute, chief evangelist at Follow Up Boss, the highly popular real estate CRM platform. He’s also the host of Real Estate Team OS, a podcast devoted to finding better ways to start, grow, and optimize real estate teams—a process he says that begins with a value-based approach to recruiting and retaining top agents.

Just about every team leader has experienced the loss of one or more of their best agents. Why any individual agent leaves will vary, but typically, they become dissatisfied with their commission split and depart, believing they can do better on their own or with another broker.

Ethan argues that to combat this seemingly inevitable attrition, leaders need to focus their agents’ attention on the total value they gain from belonging to their teams, not just their commissions. When you listen, you’ll hear him explain the four key steps brokers and team leaders must take to ensure they impress upon their agents the benefits they enjoy as team members.

During the second half of Ethan’s interview, we discuss Zillow’s recent purchase of Follow Up Boss. We ask him about the acquisition and what the change means for both companies as well as for their customers. Specifically, we ask about the broader consequences of Zillow’s growing dominance in an already rapidly changing industry. Whether you love Zillow or hate it, his comments are illuminating.

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