Ep. 50: Grow Your Business with Customer Testimonials

When you’re actively searching for a product or service, how much attention do you pay to customer testimonials? More than likely, these reviews help to weigh heavily on your decision. This means that as a service-based sales professional, garnering testimonials is an absolute necessity if you want to close more deals.

In today’s episode of Stay Paid, Luke sits down with one of our most beloved marketing services reps, Phoenix Falkenrath, as she explains the ins and outs of asking, collecting, and utilizing testimonials.

Key Points

  • If you don’t ask for a testimonial, you will not receive one
  • You must make it easy for past customers to leave a review
  • Your testimonials should be shared on your website and social media

Why testimonials are important

In business, human connections are everything. Not only does a testimonial help prospects to learn how your product or service changed someone’s life, it puts a face to the review. A prospect is more inclined to believe a testimonial when they can forge a connection with the person who left the review.

In addition, no one likes hearing someone talk about themselves, especially in business. Testimonials allow others to say something good about you, making it easier for a prospect to connect with the review and move forward with the purchase.

How to ask for testimonials 

For starters, in order to receive a testimonial, you have to actually ask. Many professionals are apprehensive when it comes to asking, but asking is the only way that you’ll be able to garner beneficial testimonials. It’s best to ask after you’ve finalized a transaction. Whether it’s at the closing table or a few weeks later when you follow up, asking after something positive has happened will encourage the reciprocity effect to take place. This means that when your clients still have positive memory in their minds of your service, they’ll feel more inclined to provide you with a positive testimonial.

How to collect testimonials

When collecting testimonials, the most important thing to remember is that it has to be easy for your customers to leave you a review. Sending them the direct link to leave a review or providing them with an in-person questionnaire will help to make it easier on their end. Consider leaving the questions open-ended so you receive more open-ended answers. Questions like “How was your experience with me?” or, “What is one thing you could change about your purchase experience?” will help clients leave detailed testimonials. At the end of the day, your intent is to capture an actionable testimonial that will compel prospects to move forward with their purchase.

How to utilize the testimonials that you receive

You’ve received a testimonial, but now what? We can’t stress enough the importance of spreading your testimonials across your brand. Whether it’s a video or written testimonial, it should be prominent across all platforms—your website, print marketing materials, and social media. Consider taking the time to search for yourself on Google. What is the first thing that pops up? It should be your customer reviews. If you’re getting good reviews and they appear when prospects search your name, there’s a much better chance of you garnering more business.

Action Items

Following this podcast, our goal is to provide you with as many actionable tips as possible. This episode includes…

  • Create an email template of questions for your customers to answer.
  • Determine where you’ll post your testimonials.
  • Start asking!

As always, take action on these tips!

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