Ep. 65: Develop a Top Producer’s Mindset

You may think you know just what to do when you start work every day. But do you know your “Why?” What is your motivating factor for success?

For ReminderMedia’s #1 inside sales rep of 2018, Joe Frazier, Jr., that “Why” is his daughter, Sage. When he needs a little bit of an extra push, he looks at a photo of Sage and remembers why he’s doing what he does each day.


In this episode of Stay Paid, Joe sits down with hosts Luke and Josh to discuss his personal sales philosophy, the importance of mentorship, and the book that changed the way he starts his day.

Key points:

  • Know what your goals are and, just as important, why they are.
  • Develop habits or routines that will help you achieve your goals.
  • 75% of sales is learning the process, while the rest is making that process your own.

Know your Why.

In his fourth year at ReminderMedia, Joe Frazier, Jr. closed more deals than anyone else on his team. But he also worked hard to hit that goal—making an average of between 150 and 200 phone calls a day.

Though many of those calls don’t end with a sale, Frazier doesn’t take his failures personally. Instead, he’ll look at his computer’s second monitor, which shows a picture of his daughter. Having a visual representation of his why helps keep things in perspective, which motivates him even more to make a sale on the next call.

Whatever your why is, it will help to have a tangible reminder with you as you work to achieve your goals. Then, when things get tough, you can learn to fail faster and do better next time out.

Developing successful routines.

Having goals and a reason for achieving them is good, but intentions alone won’t close deals. In addition, you need to develop highly effective habits. After reading Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning, Joe adopted a regular pre-work routine—affirmation, meditation, exercise, reading, and writing—which gets him in the right mindset to crush his daily goals.

Ultimately, routines are useful because they make you more disciplined. With discipline, you can be consistent, and consistency gets results. You won’t achieve all your goals right away, but you should be working toward them each day and measuring your progress. For example, if you have a yearly sales goal, break it down into monthly goals, weekly goals, and even daily goals. Eventually, you’ll get to where you need to be.

Making the process your own.

Frazier says that 75% of success in sales is about learning the process, while the other 25% comes from personalizing it. This “process” involves learning scripts, but it also means learning from successful people. If you don’t have a script of your own, a coach can provide you with one, which you can memorize and then customize to fit your voice.

Of course, along the way, there will be detours—but you will get back on the right path. Even the newest salespeople can outperform seasoned veterans, as long as they’re willing to put in the most work and make the most calls. Over time, those memorized scripts will naturally become infused with your personality. This is when you find success.

Action items:

  • Write down the names of five people who you want to be like.
  • Write down the attributes you like about them and which of those you’re missing.
  • Reach out to those five people, and see if they’ll consider mentoring you.
  • Put a plan into place to get those attributes you want.

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