Ep. 507: What I Learned Sitting with a #1 Producer for Two Days

Want to Increase Productivity and Improve Efficiency? Develop a Routine

By following a set plan each day, sales professionals can allocate their time efficiently, ensuring that essential tasks like prospecting, following up with leads, and serving clients are given the necessary attention.

In this week’s Silver Dollar episode, Luke talks about spending time at the office and on the road with his brother Stephen. Stephen and his team of agents have been working to become the top-producing real estate team in Virginia, but they’ve been challenged in the attempt. After spending two days watching them at work, Luke believes he’s pinpointed the problem—the absence of routine.

In fact, this is one of the more insidious culprits that prevents sales professionals, including real estate agents, from being as productive, efficient, and, frankly, wealthy as possible.

Think about it, and you’ll realize it’s true—it’s certainly true for Stephen and his team.

How often during your day do you find yourself being pulled from one task to another? Do you frequently drop what you’re doing to respond to clients’ calls? Do you find yourself struggling to get back on task? Is time with family and friends repeatedly being put on hold?

Ironically, the busier and more hectic our days, the less productive we tend to be. It’s why high performers in all walks of life, and especially entrepreneurs, fiercely protect their time and are obsessed with sticking to their calendars.

Why have such a zealous commitment to routine, and why would a sales professional benefit from having one?

A detailed routine instills discipline and consistency. Sales is often a numbers game, and maintaining a structured routine can help you stay focused and accountable for your actions. Consistency will ensure you do all you should do in a day, including prospect, follow up, complete paperwork, and meet with clients—all of which should translate into higher sales and commissions.

A routine promotes time management. Effective time management is a cornerstone of sales success. A structured routine enables you to prioritize tasks, minimize distractions, and avoid procrastination. It also allows you to allocate specific time slots for different activities, which can be particularly helpful in juggling multiple commitments, prospects, and clients.

A well-defined routine can aid in building good habits. By consistently following a set schedule, you can develop habits that contribute to your personal growth and professional improvement. For instance, you could dedicate time to reading industry-related materials, attending training sessions, or practicing your presentation skills. Over time, habits such as these can help you become more knowledgeable and skilled in your field, increasing their credibility and trustworthiness with clients.

A crucial benefit of sticking to a routine is stress reduction. The unpredictable nature of sales can lead to high levels of stress. A structured routine, however, provides a sense of control and predictability, which can help alleviate anxiety and enhance your mental well-being.

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