Ep. 496: Never-Fails Trade Secret for Insurance Referrals

Get More Life Insurance Leads with This Effortless Script

Having to buy insurance leads is no way to get ahead, which is why you need a foolproof way to create a steady stream of referrals. With this strategy, you can generate three to five new referrals with every sale.

Peter Fournier, this week’s Stay Paid guest, is the cofounder of All Things Insurance Group, a national IMO of 520 brokers and agents. In addition to sharing his advice about how to best recruit salespeople and stay in front of clients, Peter explains the script he and his brokers use to secure three to five referrals with every sale. One of the reasons for the extreme effectiveness of his script is how it makes clients feel like they are receiving concierge service.

You’ll want to listen to hear exactly how Peter asks for referrals, but here’s the gist:

  1. He requests at least three beneficiaries for the life insurance policy he just sold.
  2. He tells his client he’s going to reach out to each of those beneficiaries and explains what he’s going to share with them. (This is where the concierge-like feeling happens.)
  3. The ninja-level step happens next—while he’s filling out the paperwork, Peter asks his client to send a text to their beneficiaries right then and there to let them know he’ll be reaching out.
  4. He calls the beneficiaries, explains what he promised (this isn’t a bait and switch), and then moves into his script where he and they are having a talk about life insurance.

It’s a brilliant strategy—the conversation organically evolves into one where Peter can have a value-laden conversation that either produces an immediate sale or a new lead he can continue to nurture.

We hope you enjoy this episode and act on the advice Luke offers at the end. We’d also appreciate it if you took a moment to leave us a 5-star review and comment on Apple Podcasts. (We read them on air!) Thanks for listening!

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