Ep. 488: Ensuring Success: What It Takes to Build a Thriving Insurance Agency

How to Build Your Own Successful Insurance Agency

Whether you’re recruiting agents or converting prospects, there are two fundamental aspects of your business that you must fully understand: your product and your “why.”

Rosamaria Marrujo is the CEO of Trusted American Insurance Agency (TAIA) in Sacramento, CA. She’s a seasoned professional speaker who’s hosted more than 400 events across the nation, and she likes nothing better than to help her audiences harness the power within themselves to take action and achieve their goals.

As you listen to her Stay Paid interview, you’ll easily come to appreciate how she was able to build an agency of 6,000 agents—and almost exclusively through referrals. Her secret (which really isn’t a secret as much as fundamental advice for anyone who wants to build their own agency) is to know everything about the product she’s selling and to have a deeply rooted reason, infused with passion, for selling insurance.

Know everything about what you’re selling

Obviously, you need to know the particulars of the type of insurance products you sell, but beyond that, Rosamaria advises ambitious agents to “live and breathe” the details.

Understanding your product in all its intricacies—regardless of what it is—ensures that your customers and clients perceive you as an expert. When you have knowledge that runs both broad and deep, you can feel completely confident and prepared to answer any question you may receive. And, just as important, you set yourself up to provide valuable education that both convinces and enables clients to protect what is important to them.

This same knowledge is also attractive to other agents you may want to have join your team.

Rosamaria’s knowledge of Medicare, Social Security, marketing, technology, business development, lead generation, and branding—in combination with a passion for helping agents reach their full potential—makes her a sought-after mentor. Her agents benefit from the business strategy meetings she has with them and are motivated by the goal planning she provides.

Know your “why”

We all learn sooner or later that money alone is not sufficient motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough. For this reason, Rosamaria and so many other Stay Paid guests emphasize the importance of knowing your why.

A strong why is not a passing fancy. Rather, it is a profoundly embedded, purpose-driven commitment. Whatever your promise, devotion, or dedication, your why gives you the power to endure and reach further. It is the source of what fulfills you.

Your why not only motivates you but also serves as the foundation for your brand. When you build a brand grounded in an authentic story you are able to share, you’ll have one of the most critical components of a successful business—a purpose that like-minded people will appreciate and support.

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