Ep. 474: How to Recruit and Retain Real Estate Agents (and Cut the Bad Ones Loose)

Balancing Fit, Talent, and Productivity When Building a Team

Whether attracting clients or recruiting agents, begin by knowing your value proposition—then promote it.

This week’s guest on Stay Paid is Ryan Zook, cofounder and CEO of the Dwellus Group. Ryan has been recognized by REALTOR® Magazine as a top “30 Under 30” agent, was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters, and has been named one of Virginia’s 100 most influential agents.

Ryan’s success in both attracting and converting leads and recruiting talented agents is his strategy—developing and promoting a value proposition he believes in and that is appealing to both groups. (You’ll get the details when you listen to the episode.) He’s got an equally compelling strategy when it comes to making hiring and firing decisions.

Valuing “fit” over talent

Ryan believes his team is in an enviable position—he gets to hire agents because he wants them, not because he needs them. As a result, he looks more for agents who fit his team’s culture than those with the talent to produce.

Of course, he understands that talent is critical: you need it to run a profitable business, and some teams struggle because they simply need agents who produce. Even so, when talent is the primary consideration, it can potentially cause a team more harm than good if an agent doesn’t fit the role.

In his interview, Ryan also shares about:

  • Reconciling an agent’s own goals with yours.
  • Coaching new agents, especially those who are part-time.
  • His experience and enhanced success since joining Real Broker, LLC.

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