Ep. 457: How to Build the 6 Traits of Successful Sales Closers

Top 6 Qualities of the Most Successful Sales Professionals

Excellent salespeople share several key personality traits. Start closing more deals today by nurturing these qualities in yourself and building needed skills.

Today’s Silver Dollar episode is focused on the traits that all effective closers share—the key skills that enable them to convert more leads into sales.

Since ReminderMedia (the company behind Stay Paid) got its start in 2003, we’ve hired and coached more than 1,000 sales professionals, so we have a pretty good idea of what talents lead to success in sales. But for fun, we decided to ask ChatGPT for the top six qualities of a successful salesperson. What the chatbot found rang true with what we’ve seen from the thousands of potential sales candidates we’ve interviewed.

The number one skill is an obvious one—anyone who wants to be successful in sales must have confidence in the value of their product and not be afraid to ask for the sale. Some people are born with this ability, but you can develop it in yourself and your team with careful guidance and training. In this episode, we share some key ways you can build and reinforce this confidence so you can approach each interaction without anxiety or hesitation.

The best salespeople are also goal oriented, but that doesn’t mean they plow ahead with a single-minded focus on getting the sale. Instead, they know how to listen and communicate, which enables them to overcome objections and rejection. Listen to hear some of the top secrets for overcoming such hurdles.

Finally, great closers take the time to follow through so they don’t leave money on the table. Surprisingly, though, many salespeople fail to complete this important task. You’ll want to put your efforts into this powerful strategy to ensure you’re maximizing your sales to your best abilities.

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