Ep. 425: 3 Tips for Finishing What You Start

From Fear to Freedom: Overcoming Anxiety and Finding Strength

Key idea: People who try something new often encounter failure on their first attempts. But those who go on to succeed take ownership of their lives. They apply what they’ve learned and persist in their goals regardless of failure, fear, ego, or other limiting thoughts.  

This week’s Silver Dollar episode of Stay Paid is for people who have long wanted to start something new but haven’t, who want to move in a different direction but don’t, or who started down an unexplored path but then stopped moving forward.

Have you already broken a New Year’s resolution? Are you using previous failures as an excuse not to try again? Is fear standing in your way of achieving greatness? Then this episode is for you!

We talk about fear, its emotional cost, and how to develop a disciplined response to it. We describe failure as part of nearly every new endeavor and explain what you can do to advance in spite of it. We offer a strategy for uncovering the root cause of inaction so you can confront it and move forward. And we share some of the benefits you’ll experience each time you try something new.

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