Ep. 423: 5 Direct Mail Tips That Increase ROI, Response Rate, and Conversions

5 Tips for Perfecting Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Key idea: In a noisy marketplace bombarded by digital advertising, the physical nature of direct mail advertising captures attention, creates emotional impact, and leads to easier audience recall. But to capitalize on these benefits, a direct mail campaign must adhere to proven principles of design and delivery.

Every marketing plan must include a mix of communication channels to reach its full lead-generating potential. Different members of your audience will each have their own preferred means of communication, and to reach everyone, you need to utilize as many as possible. Additionally, when people see your brand represented in multiple channels, it triggers a cognitive effect called the frequency illusion, which causes them to believe they see it in an even greater number of places than it actually appears. Such frequent exposure creates familiarity and recognition, in turn breeding trust.

But while each mode of communication has its advantages, there are some distinctly unique benefits to using direct mail that earn it a special status among savvy marketers. In today’s Silver Dollar episode, Luke and I talk about these benefits and share five reliable ways to maximize the overall effectiveness of any direct mail campaign.

1. Personalize your message

Personalization, or customization, consists of tailoring a service, product, experience, or communication to accommodate specific individuals. In short, make sure your messaging addresses your audience’s well-defined needs and includes words and images that will attract their attention. Listen for a few easy suggestions on adding personalization to your direct mail campaign.

2. Use data to zero in on your target audience

Collect various information about your local area, use it to select a niche audience, and then target your campaign accordingly. Examples of relevant data include:

  • Life events indicative of a potential transaction (retirement, death, new child, etc.)
  • Demographics (renter or homeowner, length of residence, income level, etc.)
  • Psychographics (interests, lifestyle, etc.)

3. Combine direct mail campaigns with digital marketing

The statistics supporting the value of combining direct mail and digital advertising are impressive. In this episode, we share some of these numbers along with an example of how to combine these communication methods: place a QR code on a postcard that directs recipients to a landing page, then use the same message and images from the postcard in a Facebook ad. (To find out how ReminderMedia can help you with postcards, a free landing page, and Facebook ads, click here.)

4. Pay attention to the design

Inexperienced marketers often include too much content in their direct mailers. In design, less is typically more. We provide several key aspects of design that you need to consider, including the need to keep a consistent look.

5. Automate your direct mail campaigns

The simple truth is you’re not a professional marketer, nor do you need to be. You have a business to run, so get the help of someone who knows how often you should be reaching out to your audience, what type of direct mail to send, what to include in your messaging, and when to send it.

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