The Best Postcards for Real Estate Agents

Our goal is to provide the best postcard service for real estate agents and other business professionals.

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These customizable, content-rich postcards are printed and shipped for you. You can either provide your own list or buy a list from us based on things like geography, recipient interests, and many other demographics. This is an incredibly powerful way to target your messaging to the exact people you want to work with.

With postcards, your message is literally staring clients in the face!

Did You Know?

  • 52.5% of potential recipients claim they will read a postcard.
  • Direct mail gets a response rate 5 – 9 times greater than email, paid search, or social media.
  • Brand recall is 70% higher for direct mail than digital ads.

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We have postcards for everyone!

If your career is insurance, financial, real estate, dentistry, law, accounting, or a dozen other industries, then we have themed cards just for you.

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Real Estate postcard

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Or if you just want to say happy holiday, announce a move, advertise an event, or you have another reason to reach, we have postcards for that too.

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