Ep. 44: Halloween Special: Scary Sales Stories

From lost wallets to mortgage errors, mistakes are bound to occur in every industry. In fact, nearly everyone has a horror story that they just can’t seem to shake.

In this special episode of Stay Paid, Josh and Luke get into the Halloween spirit and listen to the spookiest prospect and client stories from our sales and marketing services employees.


Amanda Lanni – Lost Overseas

I was going back and forth with a prospect who was sitting in the airport terminal waiting on her delayed flight to Europe. She gave me her credit card number, and I was able to close her before her flight took off. When her flight landed, and she made her way to the hotel, she realized that her wallet was gone! She thinks that she must have left it in her seat. She had to spend the majority of her vacation dealing with customs—all because she took a chance on me and our product.

Al Boucetta – The Not-So Friendly Referral

Last summer I worked relentlessly to try and close a deal, but ended up falling short. The prospect ended up giving me a referral, and told me to give his “really good friend” a call. The next day I was able to get the referral on the phone, and went through the entire sales process with him. I made sure that I dropped the prospect’s name so he would understand how I got his number. Toward the end, the referral stopped me, and told me that he wasn’t sure why he gave me his number because he and the prospect were certainly not friends. In fact, the referral claimed that the prospect stole his book of business and his wife!

Seth Oravec – Dropped Deal

I spoke to a prospect on a Friday, and he told me to give him a call first thing on Monday morning so he could give me his credit card information. I was excited that I would be starting the week off with a deal. Monday morning came, and I gave him a call. He answered the phone somewhat frantically, and explained to me that he dropped his wallet while rock climbing over the weekend. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to get his credit card information or close the deal!

Marketing Services

Amber Thomas – Friendly Disappointment

I had a client tell me how she was driving her son and his friend home from soccer practice. She pulled up to her son’s friend’s house, and to her horror she saw a For Sale sign in the yard, but it wasn’t hers! Her friends listed their home with another real estate agent and it more than likely occurred because they were unaware of her profession.

Lauren Tedesco – No Budging

A client just recently told me a story of how her sellers wouldn’t budge on lowering their asking price. The home certainly wasn’t worth what they were asking for, and regardless of her advice, they wouldn’t change it.

Kate Burke – The Maryland Mortgage Massacre

A client spent months marketing a beautiful listing. After three months, the seller accepted an offer. They get to the closing, and it was determined that the underwriters and mortgage lender made a clerical mistake. This meant that her clients couldn’t go through with closing!

Action Items

Following the podcast, our goal is to provide you with as many actionable tips as possible. This episode includes…

  • When a mistake happens, take a breath, relax, laugh at yourself, and get back to work.

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