Ep. 374: Top 5 Must-Have Real Estate Landing Pages

Real Estate Landing Pages

The landing pages every agent needs to create a reliable and steady stream of new leads

Who should listen: Real estate agents wanting to know more about landing pages, the dos and don’ts for creating landing pages, and which are the best real estate landing pages to help them maintain a steady stream of reliable leads.

Key idea: Keep your landing pages simple. They need to be very clear and include no more than one call to action.

It’s not unusual for larger companies to have thousands of landing pages. At ReminderMedia, the producers of Stay Paid, we’ve got about 2,000 active landing pages that bring in leads every day.

Of course, it’s unlikely a real estate agent like yourself needs that many—which is why, in this Silver Dollar episode, we’re talking about the five landing pages with a proven track record of producing the most real estate leads.

Why you need a landing page

You need a landing page because, as we note, people don’t convert on webpages.

Webpages, like your homepage, simply perform too many functions and attract a wide range of visitors for all sorts of different reasons. A landing page, on the other hand, has one purpose: to obtain contact information in exchange for an item of value. (We talk about what this means for landing page design at the beginning of the episode.)

Use lead magnets to attract visitors

This item of value, or “lead magnet,” has to be appealing to the type of leads you want to attract. Real estate agents obviously want homebuyers and sellers, but more than that, you want buyers and sellers that fall within your niche. The more targeted your lead magnet, the better the leads you attract will be.

During the episode, we mention several lead magnets you can download at no charge from ReminderMedia’s Resource Library. Professionally designed to attract real estate leads, anyone can use them as often as they like—there is no requirement that you be a client. You’ll find the list in the Connect | Resources section below.

In addition to describing what a landing page is and the type of lead magnets available, we also discuss:

  • Mistakes to avoid when building a landing page,
  • Why being uber specific in your copy can dramatically improve the number and quality of your leads,
  • Examples of effective headlines,
  • Tips about how to promote your landing page with digital ads and more.

And we even offer a free real estate landing page compliments of us.

Real estate landing pages that convert

A landing page titled how much would your home sell for in today's market. Included a text field where

We’ll create converting real estate landing pages for you. Just click!

Check out this list of five real estate landing pages that The Close and our own research have demonstrated to be the most effective in converting visitors into leads:

  • Comparative market analysis (CMA) landing page: Also referred to as a home valuation landing page, agents use these pages to offer a free estimate to a homeowner of their home’s value. Listen to the episode to find out how you can maximize the ROI of these pages with a neat little trick that keeps your visitors hooked.
  • Property search landing page: Use one of these pages to offer a customize list of properties buyers may be searching for that you pull together using an IDX. These lists are skewed towards buyers, but remember that buyers are oftentimes sellers, so why not get two transactions for the price of one?
  • Real estate farm landing page: These pages are designed to attract buyers to an area, whether it be a county, city, or town. We offer a few examples of what these pages might say, including, “Thinking of buying a home in the [fill in the blank] area? Let us help.” The key is to make your copy as specific as possible.
  • Community guide landing page: Not all real estate landing pages need to be about real estate. You can use a landing page to promote a guide to your local area and establish yourself as the go-to expert about what’s hot and happening. The leads you get are ones you can nurture until they need the services of an agent. And since you’ve been staying in consistent contact, you’ll be top of mind and the agent they call.
  • Content landing pages exclusive to homeowners: Capturing the attention of homeowners long before they decide to list their homes makes perfect sense. Why? Because it’s typically months after they first think about selling that they actually take active steps to do it. Offering content to these visitors before any other agent can get their foot in the door puts you in the best position to become that seller’s agent.

If you’d like even more detailed information about landing pages along with more free resources, then we recommend you check out our blog post, “The 3 Best Real Estate Landing Pages.

Connect | Resources

Article: 5 Clever Real Estate Landing Pages That Actually Convert


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