Is a Multigenerational Home Right for You?

Attract new leads with a resource that will help them decide whether living with extended family is the right choice for them.

Certainly since the pandemic, multigenerational living has grown in popularity–and the found benefits continue to make multigenerational homes a popular option. Providing this informative guide as a resource to your clients and prospects is a great way to meet their needs when looking to buy a new home or renovate their current space.

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  • An explanation of what multigenerational living is
  • Questions to consider before living with family
  • Benefits of having different generations under one roof


  • Editable PDF Multigenerational Home Guide File
    Simply edit the first and last pages of this PDF file in Adobe Acrobat to include your headshot, logo, and contact information so people can easily contact you when they are ready to buy a bigger home.
  • Social Media Share Image
    Simply share this image on your social media page or use it in a Facebook ad to get people to request this guide from you.
  • Instructions PDF
    This file walks you through how to update your guide with your contact information.

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