Ep. 369: Generating Leads in This Crazy Market (With Michael Hellickson)

There’s a Critical Need to Diversify Your Real Estate Lead Generation Sources

“Do all of it!” ~ Michael Hellickson

Who should listen: Professional real estate agents who are serious about doing what it takes to play in the big leagues.

Key idea: Real estate agents who rely on referrals or any other single source to fill their pipeline are putting their livelihoods at risk. It’s imperative that agents diversify their lead sources.

Saying that this week’s guest is passionate about real estate is like saying Wall Street is passionate about making money. All you need to do is listen to the intensity in his voice to hear how serious Michael Hellickson is about real estate and helping agents to succeed in ways they probably hadn’t imaged.

We first had Michael as a guest on Stay Paid in October 2020. At that time he shared a follow-up calling technique that was so unique we started using it at ReminderMedia—with tremendous results! Michael talks about it again in his current interview, but you can hear all the details in his first interview by clicking here.

This time, Michael joins us to talk about a number of topics, including:

  • what agents should be doing in the midst of this economy to take advantage of current opportunities,
  • why you can’t force success onto people,
  • the audiences to which different coaches appeal, and
  • why it’s imperative that agents diversity the flow of their real estate lead generation.

We encourage you to listen to this episode to hear the spirited discussion about each of these topics. Below we give you a brief overview of the final topic—diversifying your types of lead sources.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Cliches are cliches for a reason: they tend to contain some truth. In the case of sourcing real estate leads (your eggs), agents definitely don’t want to rely on a single channel (your basket).

Michael is adamant on this point.

To be clear, we promote a strategy of maintaining relationships with clients as a way to garner more referrals and repeat business. While we concur with Tom Ferry (another first-class real estate coach) that there is no such thing as a bad lead, we do believe that referrals are perhaps some of the easiest and best real estate lead sources to secure. At the same time, we also agree with Michael that agents should diversify their lead sources.

Using recent statistics, Michael explains during his interview why referrals, in particular, are a precarious source of new buyer leads—both now and in the future. He also offers his son’s experience (he’s also an agent) as a warning to those who don’t have a sufficient number of different lead sources.

So how many sources is enough?

Michael coaches his clients that if they want to make a six-figure income, then they should have at least 10-15 active lead sources. Agents wanting a seven-figure income will need 25-35 lead sources. These parameters, he says, will give agents a consistent net income.

Now, you may think that coming up with this many lead generation sources isn’t feasible, but there are thousands of potential sources—and, every year, Michael and his team rank approximately 100 of the best lead source examples. When you listen to the episode, you’ll hear Michael provide a phone number you to which you can send text and request the top 17 best lead source for REALTORS® from this year’s list. He’ll send you the list on the house.🙂

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