Ep. 364: Time Management Strategies to Dominate Your Day

6 Time Management Tips to Seize the Day

Who should listen: Anyone wishing to take control of their day instead of having their day control them will benefit from these 6 time management tips

Key idea: Productivity isn’t a matter of intelligence. It’s a matter of being able to focus.

In today’s Silver Dollar episode, we share six time management tips that will not only help you control your day instead of your day controlling you but also help you achieve a level of productivity that, up until now, may have been eluding you.

  1. Decide what is most important. What is most important needs to be in line with your values, goals, and business objectives.
  2. List and bucket these activities. Group related activities and use the Eisenhower Matrix to assign priorities.
  3. Use time blocking. Block out time for activities beyond just meetings. Short spurts of focused, uninterrupted activity will allow you to be more proactive about what you do.
  4. Try task batching. Think about this as a subset of time blocking. Take a chunk of time and use it to quickly dismiss tasks that don’t require a lot of time or thought. Examples might include checking email, posting to social media, and planning your next day.
  5. Experiment with day themes. If you can, consider dedicating an entire day to a single type of task. You might take a day to develop content for your content marketing strategy. You could devote a day to following up with leads and contacting people in your database. Perhaps a day spent meeting with and coaching your staff would be time well spent.
  6. Measure your results. If you monitor how long it takes to complete particular tasks, you may find that you can be more efficient if you eliminate, condense, or assign some of them.

Aside from getting more stuff done, benefits of managing your time well include being able to curtail the drive for perfection. (Sometimes good is good enough.) You’ll be more efficient, and, while it may seem counterintuitive, planning will actually free up your time for those things outside of work—like quality time with family and friends.

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