Ep. 353: Taking a Bold Approach to Digital Content (with Christina Swyers)

Cold Calling Is Out … Digital Content Marketing Is In!

Who should listen: Real estate agents who need direction on how to take their real estate business to the next level through effective social media practices with video content marketing.

Key idea: Digital content marketing is the future for successful real estate agents.

Christina Swyers is a top-producing real estate agent from St. Louis, Missouri, working with eXp Realty. In addition to being a six-figure earner, she has a successful social media presence, and is proud to call herself the “digital mayor” of her town. Christina is also a mentor, helping other real estate agents to achieve their financial and career aspirations. Her ultimate goal is to give them the tools to dominate their own digital space for the markets they serve.

Christina’s top three suggestions for real estate agents who want to become six-figure earners:

  1. Become the master of your digital space.
  2. Build a network by getting out of your comfort zone.
  3. Mindset is everything.

What is the best way to create a following on social media?

A successful digital campaign is more than just the act of posting social media content and videos. There is a confluence of activities that need to happen for your content to take hold and reach the desired audience.

Christina says the opportunity in video content marketing is endless for real estate agents because most don’t do it. Whether you use Facebook Live, Instagram Reels, and/or YouTube videos, be sure you are creating your brand by determining your unique value proposition. Your audience will start to know who you are as a real estate agent, helping to develop your social media following.  But to be successful in creating a social media presence, you must be consistent and intentional.

Christina is an advocate of bold authenticity—being authentic and your true self—believing that people easily sense when someone is being disingenuous Your audience doesn’t care what you look or sound like; they just want valuable, useful content. Christina also highly recommends scheduling your postings in advance and creating a video library that you can easily pull from.

What are the best practices for networking and building new relationships?

Christina is a proponent of building your network through community work—doing good deeds by giving back to your community, volunteering your time, and interviewing local business people to help keep them in the community spotlight. These, she says, are all habits of a successful real estate agent—they build trust, goodwill, and the opportunity to brand yourself as the local real estate expert.

What is the key to staying motivated and productive?

For Christina, mindset is everything. She advocates “[making] a decision every day in your life about who you are as a person, how you want to grow, as well as having an insatiable hunger for success.”

She preaches the importance of developing daily habits, including utilizing time blocks for tasks, setting your daily prospecting goals, scheduling out your content days, and putting an hourly dollar amount on your time to determine if the activities you are doing are producing the return you want. They are the habits and tools she uses to keep motivated, on track, and productive.

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