Ep. 300: Luke & Josh Expose Our Treasured Secrets & Tips

We’re Sharing Some of Our Best Marketing Advice for Small Business

Who should listen: Listeners of Stay Paid and other inquiring minds who want to know our production team’s best tips for improving your marketing.

Key idea: We could share an infinite number of tips, hacks, and secrets but, in the end, you will learn best by taking action, learning from successes and failures, and adapting accordingly.

Action item: Whatever is holding you back—writing emails, using marketing automation, or planning your content—just do it.

It’s the 300th episode of Stay Paid, and Luke and Josh are interviewing the group of dedicated professionals who work to bring you our twice-weekly podcast—the Stay Paid Squad.

You’ll hear from me, Gabrielle King. I’m the copywriter who writes the emails that tell you about that week’s episode. I also write the show notes (what you’re reading now) that summarize the episodes and sometimes provide expanded information about what was discussed. During this episode about our best marketing advice, I share a few copywriting tips that will help ensure your emails experience a good open rate.

Tamara Johnson has an abundance of email marketing management skills and is in charge of our automated email marketing system, Marketo. Tamara, who has been a guest on our show before, gives her best tips for how to manage your email marketing, the most important email marketing key performance indicators you can watch, and her experience with plain text formatting versus designed emails.

The third member of the team to be interviewed is Jessica Fitzpatrick, our brand content manager. As Luke points out, Jessica keeps him and Josh on track with her excellent planning and organizing skills. Jessi, as we call her, manages all of ReminderMedia’s content marketing efforts, including the podcast. Her advice is, not surprisingly, about the importance of planning your content in advance.

Social media is Chelsea Kirk’s realm. Chelsea is a senior graphic designer who has played numerous roles in her 8 years at ReminderMedia. In fact, she built the real wood wall you see in our podcast studio! She shares her thoughts about why you should repurpose your content and offers some repurposing content examples, including ways to repurpose video and blog posts.

Finally, Luke and Josh speak with Arielle, the show’s producer. Arielle is well-known to listeners of Stay Paid, and her no-nonsense advice about video marketing is to just do it! There’s no need for fancy equipment and no need to worry about what to say or how you may sound. Authenticity is the name of today’s game, and people will be attracted to you to the extent that you are relatable.

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