Ep. 293: Conviction Marketing: Become a Category of 1 (with Kelly Roach)

Content Marketing Like You’ve Never Thought of It Before

Who should listen: If you dream of hitting it big, we mean really big, in business, then listen to this episode and the advice given by a coach who turns overworked entrepreneurs into titans of their industries.

Key idea: If you’re serious about being an industry leader, a CEO, or the next industry disruptor, then you must have the courage to step out of line and remain true to your convictions.

Action items: First, be clear about your purpose and why you do what you do. Then pick up a pen and commit your convictions to paper.

This week’s special guest is Kelly Roach. Kelly is a wildly successful business strategist whose company, Kelly Roach Coaching LLC, is the fastest-growing coaching program on the market and the first of its kind. Kelly has used the force of her clients’ convictions, timeless business principles, and the most powerful online marketing strategies to turn hundreds of exhausted entrepreneurs into world-class CEOs and industry authorities.

If you’ve ever wondered what true conviction sounds like, you’ll want to listen to this interview. Hearing her confidence and intentionality, it is easy to imagine what her level of coaching can do for people who are critical thinkers and visionaries committed to playing the long game—and winning.

The big draw, however, is Kelly’s idea of “conviction marketing” and how she’s proven it can be used to divorce a business from the common online chatter and place it in a category of one.

What is conviction marketing?

Pyramid divided into three horizontal sections. The bottom section reads typical content marketing. The middle section reads hope marketing. The top section reads conviction marketing.For Kelly, the primary issue with typical content marketing is that it stays in the realm of educating its audience as represented by the “3 Ways to Improve X” type of titles. This content is useful, and it’s great for introducing your brand and bringing in readers, but it doesn’t keep them coming back to your brand.

Hope marketing adds additional levels of engagement. Kelly accurately observes that with most content marketing “no one gives up the goods.” There is very little attempt to empathize with people who are struggling to achieve success. No one is saying I’ve been there, so I get. This is what you need to do and what you can expect next. Stick with it—you’ll get through this.

With hope marketing, you become your readers’ teacher, friend, cheerleader, and source of inspiration. You work to motivate and encourage people not to give up. Hope marketing creates stickiness with your brand, and it is, as Kelly reports, literally what keeps people coming back.

Then there is the pinnacle of content marketing—conviction marketing. Kelly argues that content of this caliber will separate you from the millions of others who are feeding audiences vanilla pudding and place you in a category with virtually no competition:

Conviction marketing is all about bringing a unique and distinct prolific set of ideas and thoughts to your market that are [sic] specific to you, your methodology, [and] your belief system. [Conviction marketing is about] what you are going to create as this new and different and improved outcome for your customer and the passion behind why.

When you listen to this episode you’ll discover more about conviction marketing, why it is superior to typical content marketing, and its inherent risks; about the problems created by traditional market research that cause opportunities to go unnoticed; and about Kelly’s high-profile coaching program that runs for a full year. What she has to say will surely make you reflect on your convictions and how prepared you are to rise to previously unimagined heights of success.

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