Ep. 28: How to Hire Top Sales People

Sales isn’t easy. In fact, when it comes down to it, sales is a grueling industry that isn’t for everyone. It takes the right type of person to succeed. In this episode of Stay Paid, we talk with our Recruiting Manager, Ethan Acree as he discusses what he looks for when hiring top talent.

Key Points

  • There is no magic formula for hiring successful salespeople
  • Differentiators are more important than attributes
  • Self-confidence makes a world of difference

Identifying the Right Type of Person  

Let’s be clear—as a recruiter, there’s no magic formula for hiring successful people. It’s going to take trial and error and you will make mistakes. But being able to identify an interviewee’s differentiators instead of their attributes will increase your success rate. Meaning that even if they claim to be a social butterfly, this attribute doesn’t necessarily make them a good salesperson.

The key differentiator that Ethan looks for is an understanding of the game. At the end of the day, sales is a numbers game. And like any other game, you must be able to lose. In fact, you’ll lose more than you will win. If a candidate possesses this notion from the beginning, they’re more able to push a loss aside and bounce back relatively quickly.

Additional Characteristics to Consider

Self-confidence is an essential character trait in a sales rep. Without it, a salesperson’s effort and ability to be coached will decrease. Self-confidence is the belief that no matter how hard it is, they know that they will succeed because they not only have the necessary skill set, but also the determination.

In addition, belief and work ethic go hand-in-hand. Believing in what you’re selling and in yourself (self-confidence), will push a salesperson. When it comes to work ethic, the right motivation will compel a salesperson to put in the effort that’s needed to go the extra mile.

Predictive Index

Here at ReminderMedia, we utilize the PI (Predictive Index) assessment for every new hire. We like to say that it’s the DISC assessment’s cousin, because it gives us a great indicator of personalities. In fact, we have four main personalities that grace our sales floor.

However, it’s important to note that not all hiring decisions should be based on this assessment. It should be utilized in conjunction with other methods. It simply gives you insight, and only time will paint a real picture of their personality and if they’re able to succeed or not.

Action Items

Following the podcast, our goal is to provide you with as many actionable tips as possible. For this episode, they include…

  • Jot down what the differentiator is in your business when it comes to sales. Determine what separates you from everyone else.
  • Utilize the 16 personalities test, the DISC assessment, and the PI to help you discover your unique characteristics.

As always, take action on these tips!

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