Ep. 23: Recap of the Disrupt Tour

It’s no surprise that we live in an age where things are being disrupted left and right. As a service based sales professional, it’s imperative to leverage new technology to disrupt the market and stay ahead of your competition.

In this episode of Stay Paid, Luke and Josh give a recap of the Disrupt Tour conference, notable speakers, and tips and tricks to disrupt the market with your social media usage.

Key Points

  • Being authentic on social media is a must
  • Instagram stories are a great way to utilize the platform
  • Tag your location in every Instagram story

Tyler Harris

Harris is a financial advisor with a hefty amount of experience. When it comes to leveraging social media—especially Instagram—he harped on the mindset of either disrupt or be disrupted. If you don’t use the platform to its full extent to disrupt your prospect’s newsfeeds, your competition is going to disrupt them instead.

In addition, he also stressed the importance of being authentic. This helps to not only show your audience who you are, but also build the brand that they associate with you. If you’re not pushing forth your brand using social media, it’s going to be pushed for you. Regardless, your prospects are forming their opinion. Why not be in control of the narrative with an accurate brand depiction?

Jeremy McGilvrey

McGilvrey believes that when it comes to social media, there’s value in looking at what your competition is doing. Determine who’s doing things really well, take note of the hashtags they’re using and content that they’re posting, and then make your own path based on what’s working for them.

Another major tip that he provided is to be sure that you’re tagging your location on Instagram. This really helps to garner more views on each post.

TJ Reeves

Reeves delivered a simple, yet effective Instagram hack. When you’re sharing a link or a hashtag in a story, place it in the right-hand corner where people naturally click to get to the next story.

Shiva Irankhah

Irankhah shared that her biggest sale came from an Instagram hashtag post. A ten million dollar life insurance policy was sold to a brother/sister duo because of a creative post on life insurance. She recommended not overloading your posts with hashtags or geotags. It lowers the visual appeal. In fact, take a hashtag, pinch it down as small as you can, and stick it somewhere that isn’t as noticeable.

Tiffany Beltran

Beltran is a great example of branding yourself based on where you want to be, not who you are. She started calling herself the celebrity real estate agent on Instagram, before she had any celebrity clients. Fast forward a few years, and she’s working with the elite.

Finding your niche

When you think of these technologies, how can you narrow down your approach to a target audience? Target your hashtags and posts to attract a tribe. You should be trying to attract people who share similar interests, beliefs, and desires. You and your tribe will embark on a journey of support, and learn from one another.

A common mistake is that people think they are going to hop in Instagram and receive instant gratification. But like building any other relationship, it takes time. Focus on building relationships rather than doing business, and more business will come.

Action Items

Following this podcast, our goal is to provide you with as many actionable tips as possible. This episode includes…

  • Ramp up your Instagram stories, and tag every location.

As always, take action on these tips!

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