Amazing Strategy to Build Your Email List | It’s a MUST DO

How to Avoid Every Marketer’s Worst Nightmare

To best attract and readily convert Instagram followers into email subscribers, use Manychat to offer lead magnets and evergreen “freebies” and seamlessly collect contact information.

Lindsey Jo is a wildly successful DC-area real estate agent, Broke Agent Media (BAM) contributor, social media savant, and a strong advocate for women in real estate, encouraging them to find their unique voices and succeed in their own ways. This week on Stay Paid, Lindsey discusses the strategy she uses to convert social media followers into email subscribers, and why every real estate agent absolutely must do the same if they are to avoid every marketer’s worst nightmare—the loss of their contacts.

Every marketer knows having an email list they own is the only surefire way to guarantee that the lifeblood of their business—the contact information belonging to their leads, prospects, and clients—is safe, free from the risk of hacks, changes in algorithms, and the whims of social media platforms. Those who rely solely on Facebook, Instagram, and similar channels to connect with their audiences are playing with proverbial fire.

During her interview, Lindsey shares the benefits and mechanics of using Manychat to offer her Instagram followers a strategic mix of content that they need and want. She also describes incorporating Zapier into her process to seamlessly integrate new subscribers into her systems. And she explains why strategically timing her Reels and using a consistent design for her calls to action maximizes engagement and conversions.

As significant as the information Lindsey provides is, it’s the second half of her interview that we believe will leave a consequential and lasting impact. When you listen, you’ll hear her speak eloquently and at length about the legacy she wants to leave, how she has learned to “face her fears and do it anyway,” and why her sense of self and what’s important is no longer tied to her next transaction but to feeling fulfilled. Hers is a truly inspirational interview you’ll want to reflect on, not only for the value it will bring to your business, but also for the clarity of purpose it inspires.

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