Ditch the Clips! Social Media Enters a New Era of Long-Form Content


Discover why deep dives are the new wave in social media marketing and what it means for video content creators. Plus, get real talk on work-life balance for entrepreneurs.

As a content creator, you’ve undoubtedly been bombarded with the “short-form content is king” mantra. Well, that’s all about to change.

Alex Hormozi—the kingpin of “get in and get out” video marketing—just threw a curveball. He’s gone all-in on long-form content (think 45+ minutes, minimally edited) aimed at a very narrow audience.

And guess what? It’s working wonders.

Join us this week for a conversation with a Stephen Acree (team lead of Acree Brothers Realty), Cody Smith (his sales director), and Garrett Maroon (a three-time Stay Paid guest), where we discuss:

  • Why consumers crave deep dives: We explore what’s attracting viewers to this new format and what it means for you as a content creator.
  • What it might take to achieve work-life balance: Get ready for a raw and real discussion about priorities, why you became an agent or other entrepreneur, and whether your expectations jive with your reality.
  • How even new agents can establish and nurture trust: It’s a simple principle that new and experienced agents can apply in just about every conversation with prospects and clients.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and thanks for listening!

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