5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Client Base

Learn the costly mistakes agents make while building their client base and how to avoid them. Plus, discover the 5×5 tactic that allows you to meaningfully connect with 25 people in just five days.

This week on Stay Paid, we’re joined by Stephen Acree, lead of the top team in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Cody Smith, his director of sales, to dissect a recent BAM article identifying five mistakes real estate agents often make while building their client bases. We’ll delve into why these missteps happen and offer actionable strategies to avoid them.

Join us to hear about . . .

  • A course correction: How focusing on brand awareness can do your business more harm than good.
  • The relationship builder: A tremendously popular way to be of service to your sphere that allows you to foster trust while allowing for genuine interactions.
  • The five-day trust booster: A powerful tactic to connect and provide value to 25 people in five days without breaking a sweat.

Tune in for insightful industry discussion and practical tips to elevate your game!

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