What You Can Learn from the Top Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful tool, and proving to be even more so as time goes on. Revenue has been shown to increase nearly 320% through welcome emails alone, which is more than any other form of business to consumer communication. When done right, they work. Here are just a few of the top email marketing campaigns with great takeaways that any business owner to benefit from.


The delivery service made popular in cities like San Francisco and New York also came up with one heck of an email marketing campaign in 2016. Their main strategy for enticing people to use their service was by way of easy digestible content. Think gifs, quick jokes, and codes for free food. They figured out how to target their audience, resulting in a winning strategy and devoted customers.


Talk about knowing your audience—Buzzfeed has been killing the email marketing game for quite some time. Millennials soak up their email-delivered content. Whether it’s with short, funny article titles or with personalized newsletters, Buzzfeed’s emails are always a success. The Director of Newsletters at the media company put it simply: “Email is consistently one of top 5 or 6 referrers of traffic to our website each month.” When you know your audience, you’re already winning.

The Hustle

Emails summarizing what’s happening around the world are continually changing how we consume the news, and The Hustle is one of the newsletters out there doing it right. They highlight the most important news in business and culture with a witty and conversational yet informative tone. It keeps their millions of subscribers coming back and clicking on that daily email.


Subject lines are important, which Airbnb quickly figured out and made it one of their biggest focus points for emails. The short-term home rental company does a great job of personalizing subject lines so you feel like they’re talking right to you. If you want to drive revenue, think about how you can be improving your subject lines so future customers aren’t sending your emails to the trashcan without a second thought.


People love a good deal. JetBlue is one airline that is a pro at integrating this into its email campaigns. On top of their already loyal customer base, this helps get even more people to fly with them. They always have a strong call to action to match the engaging email design, which results in winning campaign after winning campaign. Take note and strive to create consistent emails that clearly show what your brand is and what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Find the thing that makes your company stand out, and make that the focus on your email strategy. Whether you hone in on design or copy, learn from these standout campaigns and watch as your email campaigns soar to success.

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