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Your email list is a great way to keep people in your circle updated and informed—letting them know what you’re up to, as well as what you have to offer. It might be tough to decipher what information is worth sharing and how often to send out emails, but, once you find a good rhythm, it will begin to feel more natural. Instead of waiting to see which topics seem most relevant to you on any given day, let us help you put together a plan for delivering value to your clients’ inboxes.

Set expectations.

Once someone subscribes to your list, let them know what to expect from you. Introduce yourself, give them an idea of what kind of content you’ll be sending, and when to expect it. This will help them get acquainted with you as a person before they start to receive more content-based emails. This also will help prevent your first email from being deleted before it’s opened.

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Offer tools.

Demonstrate your value to subscribers by giving them plenty of tools to work with, and you’ll enhance their experience online. Whether it be a website or an app that is going to make their life easier, or even a coupon code for them to use when they’re shopping from websites you know they’ll love, the chance that something beneficial may be in your emails will keep them coming back for more.

Send the American Lifestyle digital edition.

The digital edition of American Lifestyle Magazine is a great resource for your subscribers to have at their disposal. With new issues coming out each month, you’ll be able to send them exclusive content with your picture and info attached directly to it. To get a better idea of what sort of content you’ll be sending them, check out this sample of a recently published edition of the online magazine.

Tease your content.

If you write your own blog, have a podcast, or make videos, be sure to tease that content by offering a short preview in your emails. This will help increase traffic to your website and increase the likelihood that someone will refer you to a friend or colleague.

Making the most of your email list will propel your reach and reputation in the online community. Always be sure to keep a consistent schedule of when and what to post so that your subscribers are able to rely on you for emails they can’t wait to open.

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