Use Your Past and Current Clients to Make Your Next Deal!

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Past and current clients are the most lucrative, and ironically most neglected, group in your sphere. In this episode of Above the Noise, Luke Acree talks about how to leverage these important contacts for your client list. Past and current clients are in an amazing position to act as advocates of you and your business, all you have to do is be remembered.

Video Transcription

We’re talking about how to build a client list, and one of the categories on your list is your sphere of influence, and here’s the thing: as agents we often do so well at the transaction, but we fail at the follow-up.

Add a CRM system

And a tip I’ll give you is you’ve got to add a good CRM system to your marketing. That’s a contact relationship management system it’s going to allow you to keep in touch with people, set appointments for yourself, and make it so you don’t lose touch with them over time. We have a great one here ReminderMedia, but regardless of if you’ve used ours or not, you have to add a good CRM system to your marketing because your past clients—that should be one of the most lucrative things in your business but it’s often one of the most neglected.

The takeway

Add a CRM system so you can take a client from one single transaction to a client for life.

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