How to Build an Effective Contact Database in Under 5 Minutes


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In business, implementing a contact management system into your routine can do wonders. By doing so, you’ll have a single resource to house all of your contact information to help you easily segment your list and prioritize your marketing efforts.

In today’s episode of Above the Noise, Jessi provides three tips to help you create as simple, yet effective contact management database.

Video Transcription

So as a business professional you’re always busy. You’re out trying to meet new clients, going to networking events, sending out branded marketing materials, and also following up with past clients. The one problem that most business professionals have is, they don’t have a contact management system. Why? They think it’s going to be pretty difficult to put together. Today I’m gonna give you three simple steps on how you can put a contact management system together.

Step One

Building your database. We actually have a document that you can download in the show notes that’ll be an easy way for you to put all this information together. What you want to do is figure out all the data points that you need to track. This is going to be people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, emails. If you want, you can include ways that you want to segment them. Whether it’s how they should be contacted, if they’re a prospect, if you’ve done a past transaction with them. Pretty much any type of information that you want to keep on a contact past or present you’re gonna make a column for.

Step Two

Entering the information. This is going to be the hardest step, but it’s definitely well worth it. You can grab your address book, online email list, even your rolodex. All the information that you have, add to all of the columns for each person. If you don’t have the information, don’t worry about it. Leave it blank. This is actually a great reminder for you to go back, or even call up that person so that you can fill in all of the information.

Step Three

You have to commit. Make this a part of your daily routine every single day. Whether you talk to someone on the phone, in person, make sure you track that data in your database so you have the most up-to-date information. Whether you use our template, or something else, just make sure that you’re always updating and keeping your database clean. This will help you drive more meaningful conversations, which in turn will end up in repeat and referral business.

The takeaway

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