Top 4 Reasons Why FSBOs Need a Real Estate Agent


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In the digital age, there are many sellers who are convinced they can be successful without the help of a qualified agent. But, as the lengthy lists of unsold FSBOs and expired listings will attest, many of those sellers don’t quite know what they’re getting into.

If you’re an agent talking to a seller who’s not quite sold on needing your services, share these four compelling reasons with them.

1. Your have marketing expertise

One of the biggest reasons that FSBOs sit on the market for months on end is because most sellers are not expert real estate marketers.


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You, on the other hand, understand how a multi-pronged approach to promoting a listing can increase exposure and draw in leads who’ll actually be interested in the property. In your listing presentation, offer an overview of the methods you’ll use to find a buyer, including:

Once your prospective seller sees how prepared you are—and, more important, how dedicated you’ll be—they’ll be far more likely to work with you.

2. You can stage a home to highlight desirable features

An eloquently staged bedroom in a listing

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are incredibly important. And, unlike most sellers, you’ve got an excellent idea of exactly what most buyers are looking for in a potential home.

You also know how to stage a home so that it comes across the right way to those prospective buyers—from minimizing clutter and personal items to proper lighting.

These small details will go a long way when it comes time to show the home.

While not every seller wants to have an open house, they remain incredibly popular in many communities. That’s because they are still an effective way for a lot of people to see a listing at once.

Visit our Resource Library to download this free open house timeline and checklist to share with FSBOs and clients. It’s just one way to add value to your services.

And, while the odds are high that your prospective seller has never hosted an open house before, you know exactly what needs to happen. You can ensure that the house in good order by giving the seller a checklist well ahead of time. Meanwhile, you’ll promote the event around town and online—ensuring there will be a solid turnout of relevant leads.

3. You will absolutely negotiate a higher price

An agent advises a seller client about a listing

For buyers and sellers alike, the negotiation process can often be stressful. Buyers are looking to find something suitable within their budget, while sellers want to be sure they’re getting the best possible return on their investment.

In many cases, sellers will jump at the first offer, while other times, they’re too stubborn to budge even a little. This is one of the biggest reasons why having a listing agent is so important.

Listing agents can:

  • Provide a “big picture” overview of what an offer means for sellers.
  • Analyze the local market to determine whether they might be able to get a better deal from another buyer.
  • Negotiate with the buyer’s agent on their behalf.

Remind the seller that you do this for a living, and it’s in your best interests to get them the best price possible for their house.

4. You will relieve them of stress

At the end of the day, the main reason why a seller will choose to work with an agent is because they know, like, and trust them.

An agent will be their advocate through every step of the selling process—eliminating headaches and providing a level of security that they simply won’t get on your own.

You’ll help them sort through all the necessary paperwork, which is something that can be particularly stressful for first-time sellers. And, above all, you’ll be able to share your expertise as someone who’s been through the process many times before.

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