Top 3 Timeless Real Estate Marketing Strategies

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Marketing trends may come and go, but there are some timeless strategies you can apply that will always help you win more listings and close more business.

1. Get more personal with clients and prospects

The real estate industry seems to be all about innovation. Just about every day someone is talking about the latest tool or writing about new technology that will disrupt the industry. That’s all great stuff. I’m not going to knock advancement. But there is another side to the coin.

The more that agents turn to technology, the more removed the human element becomes in the whole process. As this trend continues in the year ahead, the agent who is able to connect on a personal level will stand out and emerge victorious.

I’m not saying that you should avoid technology. There are plenty of benefits to the tools available to today’s agent. But you need to use it to strengthen relationships, not replace them.

For example, you can use social media and digital communications to stay in touch with clients and prospects and to reach people in more places. You can also use those as a springboard for a follow-up phone call or face-to-face visit.

2. Focus on your most profitable strategies

It’s no secret that mortgage rates are going up. That means that owning a home is getting more expensive.

Consumers could react in one of two ways: some potential buyers and sellers may decide to stay put for a while. That would result in more competition among agents for each transaction. Or consumers may want to act quickly to take advantage of the current low rates before they get too high. While that—combined with an uptick in home construction—offers opportunity, consumers will want to move quickly. That means you’ll have less time to make your pitch and less time for them to evaluate you.

In either situation, you simply can’t afford to waste time or money on marketing that won’t give you the best return on your investment.

So what works best?

That’s going to vary slightly from agent to agent. But as a general rule, most buyers and sellers either use an agent they’ve worked with before, or they find an agent through a referral. So working your network is a good place to start.

Find excuses to start conversations with past clients and people in your sphere of influence. Then use that opportunity to ask for referrals.

3. Play the long game

While referrals account for a large portion of most real estate agents’ business, that doesn’t mean that they come quickly or easily. In fact, it may take months of relationship marketing before you see the return on investment you’re looking for.

The good news is that getting just one transaction out of it will likely pay for your efforts many times over. So stick with it.

I know that’s easier said than done—especially in light of my recommendation to focus on your profitable strategies. If you don’t see immediate results, how do you know your investment is working?

Looking at other indicators can help. Engagement is one. The more engaged your clients and prospects are, the more opportunities you’ll have for referrals. That engagement will also increase the probability of your contact sharing that referral, because they’ll feel more of a connection with you.

Look at how often people are sharing and commenting on your social media posts. Check your website traffic to see if people are searching for you and your business. Keep track of how many conversations you’re starting. Are people more likely to remember your name and pick up the phone if you call? These are all signs that your efforts are working.

Every year has its challenges, but every year also holds its own unique opportunities for agents who are able to stay ahead of the trends.

The three ideas above are my suggestions. What are yours? Which trends and strategies will you lean on?

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