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Open houses are still one of the most effective ways to attract new clients. Here are some great ways to blend tried and true tactics with some new social media methods to make your open houses the best in town, bringing folks from near and far, and garnering a ton of new connections.

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Hey if you’re a real estate agent out there I know open houses are a huge portion of your business you’re using open houses to generate new buyers, you’re using them to get your listings sold.

So today I want to give you guys five tips that will help make your open house stand out.

Social media.

First tip I’m going to give you is make sure you take advantage of social media. Social Media is such a valuable way for you to garner attention, reach a larger audience. Two ideas that I’ll give you is next time you host an open house, use social media to create excitement. Do a countdown on social media. Post a month out, a couple weeks out, a couple days out. Generate some excitement to get more prospects to that open house.

Second tip is make sure you utilize the live feeds on Instagram and Facebook. Live is all the rage right now and I know you’re going to be nervous. Overcome the nerves, flip out your phone, go Live at your next open house. You’re going to be able to reach a larger audience and not only that, next time you’re in another listing appointment, not only can you say to that seller that you do open houses you can tell them that you go Live and do Live open houses on social media.


Second tip I’ll give you to make your open house stand out is make sure you use great signage. I’m not just talking about your road signs, you’re going to need great road signs that attract people to the open house that’s going to spread your brand, but I’m also talking about the signage you use in the open house. Your contact sign-in sheet, the welcome sign. What I’m going to do for you guys is I’m going to put a link in the description below. We’ve created professional contact sign-in sheets for you to help you make a great first impression.

Item of value.

Third tip I’m going to give you is make sure you have an item of value, something to give away to potential prospects when they visit your open house. Traditionally this is going to be a flyer about you know the listing, it’s going to be business cards, and I’m not beating those up. Those are good you should do that, but think outside the box because your prospect is going to visit multiple open houses in a weekend and they’re going to end the weekend with a stack of eight business cards and nothing’s going to separate you or differentiate you from your competition. Think outside the box like a personally branded magazine, a bottle opener, or something that’s going to leave a lasting impression with that prospect.


The fourth tip I’ll give you when it comes to your open house is consider doing a themed open house. This is great around the holidays like Fourth of July, Memorial
Day. This summer do a barbecue themed open house. This will really accomplish two things for you. One it’s going to separate you from all the other open houses and it’s going to attract potential buyers for you, and then also, it really helps that prospect envision themselves not only in the home from a square-footage perspective, from the bathrooms, the bedrooms, but also how it would be if they hosted a barbecue in the house, and it’s really going to make that lasting impression.


Now the fifth and final tip I’ll give for you for making an open house stand out is this is the most important is you need to be a wealth of knowledge. Your prospect is going to enter that open house with a ton of questions and you need to come prepared to answer those questions. From how old the roof is, whether it’s public
water, public sewer, but not only the details on the house. Go above and beyond. Learn about the local area where are the local parks, what’s the grade of the local schools, what’s the best restaurant in the area, this is really going to separate your open house because you’re going to come prepared with that wealth of knowledge.

The takeaway.

So there you have it guys, there are five tips to make your open house stand out this weekend. If you like these tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel check us out on Instagram and Facebook. Take action on this today.

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