The Ultimate Cold Calling Tips for New Salespeople


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Let’s face it: although necessary, cold calling can be a dreaded task for many salespeople.

In this episode of Above the Noise, VP of Sales, Nick Bianco provides four tips to help any salesperson get over their fear of cold calling and ensure that they’re able to make the most out a not-so-favorite responsibility.

Video Transcription

Like I mentioned, today we’re gonna go over four tips to hopefully make that cold calling experience a little bit more lucrative for you.

Number one

The first thing that you want to keep in mind once you’ve written the script, once you’ve practiced it a million times, know your metrics. Know how many calls you need to make to get somebody on the phone. Then once you get that person on the phone, know how many attempts it’s gonna take and how long to get them from that starting point to that end point where you actually close that deal. You’re gonna fail, so just make sure you’re aware of the numbers so you don’t get yourself down.

Number two

Now, the second tip to keep in mind when you’re on the phone and it sounds so simple, but so many reps forget this. There’s a person on the other end of the phone. You’re reaching out to them and you’re interrupting their day. They have hopes, they have dreams, they have aspirations. When you get that prospect on the phone they finally answer, be direct with them, and tell them how you’re gonna be able to help them solve that problem right from the get-go.

Number three

Thet hird thing to keep in mind is, that’s a cold call you just made. Once you get that across the finish line, and you’ve closed that deal, ask for referrals. This is where so many reps fail. Don’t make your job harder. If you can ask for a referral and make that lead warmer than the one you just had, you’re gonna be able to close that deal a lot quicker and it’s not going to feel as painful for you.

Number four

And the fourth tip to keep in mind, have fun. Cold calling doesn’t have to be painful. Every single call can be something new. Every time you get a prospect on the phone, there’s a new problem for you to be able to solve. So when you’re getting ready, you’re putting your headset on, you’re putting your earpiece up to your ear, don’t make it a painful job. Look forward to it, start to enjoy it, start to have fun with it, and you’re gonna see the results.

The takeaway

So, there you have it. Hopefully four tips to make your cold calling experience today, and in the future, a little a bit brighter and hopefully a lot more lucrative. So, if you liked what you saw today, definitely subscribe to all of our social media channels, come back and watch some more, but most importantly remember to take action today.

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