The Most Important KPIs to Pay Attention To

Measuring key performance indicators (KPI’s) is important in any business, but especially in marketing. There are many KPI’s to keep in mind when trying to measure success—all of which are needed to execute a more effective strategy. Refer to this checklist for when you need a refresher on which KPIs are most important to track for your various marketing campaigns.

Sales revenue

How is marketing affecting your sales revenue? Ask yourself this question each time you sit down with your team to come up with a new marketing strategy. Which marketing tactic drives the most sales is one of the most important KPIs to track.


Landing page conversion rates

Take a good look at your calls to action and whether or not they’re converting. If not, it may be time to reevaluate the landing pages on your website. Look at your SEO as well and see if this can be amped up to draw more people in.

Social media engagement

One of the most important strategies for any business is how you approach your social media channels. Many platforms have made it easy to track growth, and continually analyzing your sites is a KPI that can’t afford to be ignored.


Website traffic

Evaluate how many people are visiting your website, and use the conversion rate to examine how many of these visitors are turning into leads. Focus on this KPI so you can always see how to continue turning traffic into leads.

Email marketing performance

Email marketing comes with a lot of trackable facets: delivery rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, open rate, and more. Analyze the performance of your emails often, as this is one of the most important KPIs in marketing.


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