The Best Platforms for Hosting Your Webinar

Alexa Bricker

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Webinars are becoming increasingly useful and effective ways to host live events on the internet. Though there are a number of platforms at your disposal, it’s important to make sure the platform you choose is right for you. Consider your budget and what type of features will be of most use to your webinars as you weigh these options.


One of the premier platforms to host a webinar, WebinarJam was recently revamped with new levels of simplicity offered at a cheaper cost. One feature that sets it apart from the rest is the ability to display a pop-up call to action on screen for those tuned in. This gives you the opportunity to explain all the benefits of your offer while leaving viewers just one click away from purchase. WebinarJam allows for you to monitor and highlight comments that come in during your webinar, so that you can promote the most relevant ones and get the most feedback from your audience. One of their most popular features is the ability to have up to six hosts at once to broadcast live to your whole audience.

Price: You can get started with WebinarJam for $49.99/month.


A great option for people who rely on reaching out to their small or medium sized audiences for webinars, GoToWebinar is another highly touted webinar platform. Webinars on GoToWebinar are perfect for livestreaming and can be easily sent to participants for them to review the information later on or catch something they might have missed. When comparing this to the others listed, note that it’s likely only cost effective for hosting 100 participants or less. If you’re going for bigger audiences one GoToWebinar, the prices become much steeper than the competition.

Price: Start with GoToWebinar at $89/month.


Despite being powered by the aforementioned WebinarJam, EverWebinar offers a totally unique slate of capabilities and features to work with. The main purpose of EverWebinar is to capture evergreen content in your webinar, meaning that it’s a Webinar that can be used time and time again without becoming irrelevant. You can optimize this by broadcasting live, making minor edits upon completion, and leaving the webinar available to access at any point in the future. EverWebinar suggests tweaking chats, polls, and offers from time to time to keep the numbers and information recent.

Price: EverWebinar starts at $41/month.

Any one of these platforms will leave you satisfied. There isn’t one unilateral best option for anyone looking to host webinars. Only you know what your priorities are and which features and price points make the most sense for you. Familiarize yourself as best you can with these platforms and build momentum with webinars today.

Written by Alexa Bricker

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